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Shell M. Phelps is recognized for her distinguished HR leadership influence and thought-provoking one-degree shift strategies. Affectionately known as “Ms. Bliss”, due to her infectious positive energy, Shell cultivates an empowering focus on simplistic solution-based leadership strategies that have richly impacted hundreds of employees, managers, executives, and consulting clients.

Shell is the author of 2 books that give practical application strategies to achieving a healthier work-life blend. Her work was recognized nationally and internationally with featured book awards from AmericanBookFest.com. Shell's most popular book, The Big Bliss Blueprint, 100 Little Thoughts to Build Positive Life Changes, comes highly recommended to employees by company leaders to empower personal and professional development. Learn where to shift focus onto which priories to succeed. (Order your copy below).

For over 20+ years, Shell has been a crusading HR leader who has inspired hundreds of front-line employees, career professionals, and executives to successful careers and healthier interactions that previously stalemated growth.

Earning herself a stellar HR reputation, Shell sat on the local SHRM board in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she joined forces with emerging and seasoned HR professionals in a highly sought after mentoring program. Her decades of human relation experience  produced a highly regarded career in HR and has transcended into a magnetic professional HR career path.

As a professional, Shell brings her polished, positive, and enthusiastic energy to draw in her audience.  She brings with her a relatability demeanor leaving a memorable impression as an HR educator that engages everyone.

Shell combines her specialty credentials from the Society of Human Resources Management as a Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and her master’s degree in counseling psychology to cultivate and enable a new focus onto simplistic solution-based HR leadership strategies that have brilliantly impacted and changed hundreds of her professionals from her teachings.

Small, medium, and large organizations and companies seek out Shell's signature professional leadership skills. She has been published in HR.com, Authority Magazine, and featured on radio and many podcast interviews.