March 5, 2022

Reinventing Value: Women In The Workforce

March 5, 2022

Reinventing Value: Women In The Workforce

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Numerous professional women are leaving the workforce or downgrading their careers due to present trials and tribulations. It’s time to jump in and help alleviate this professional crisis for women! We need women to step up and reach out to support each other. Women are facing increased mental health challenges that are testing their confidence, which is needed to leverage their abilities as career-minded professionals. This includes high-ranking women in leadership roles to emerging professionals.

The top five struggles women still face in the workplace today are unequal treatment, practicing self-advocacy, trusting themselves, building alliances, and battling imposter syndrome. No wonder professional women are looking to escape the adversity of the workforce! The power of perception in the workplace is our reality. The emotional toll these professional challenges bring decreases the confidence that change is around the corner as the world faces so much uncertainty.

This is the perfect time to reinvent how women to find opportunities to shine. Women need to rise to the occasion and lend a hand to other professional women. It’s time to upgrade the way we leverage the assets we have accumulated, apply what we have earned.

Professional women can rejuvenate their value by using these five key strategies to stay competitive and have a distinct advantage:

  1. Increase effective decision-making to get a seat at the table.
  2. Apply an open-dialogue communication approach that emanates and wins respect.
  3. Build professional partnerships that promote trust and collaboration with all, without exclusion.
  4. Increase your visibility by standing out, speaking up, and spearheading teams and projects.
  5. Build your confidence muscle by validating and acknowledging your successes stories.

To add more value to these five strategies, women should allow themselves the opportunity to transform and reinvent their professional style. Find ways to unite with different personality types. Be willing to accept others’ positive perspectives. Acknowledge your blind spots and close the gaps. Be mindful of your emotional state. If you’re feeling good, let it show. When you don’t feel your best, process it with a verbal acknowledgment.

Share your successes and failures with other professional women and remove some of your safeguards. Offer another professional woman your time without feeling territorial about your position. Believe in your self-worth and become vulnerable by owning your mistakes. Mistakes are learning opportunities, so teach others by using them as examples.

At the end of the day, women in the workforce should lean in and trust themselves to know themselves. Reinventing the value of being authentic and being true to yourself will help you stay connected to what you do. This is the genuine key to success. Embrace your experiences and mentor other women; it will make your professional accomplishments more meaningful. Spend time in a career you enjoy, at a company who appreciates you, and get paid what you are worth.

By Shell Phelps, HR Thought Leader & Co-Founder of Phelps Strategies, LLC