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Need to hire an HR professional to train or improve your HR department?
Shell brings her 20+ years of expertise with her positive energy that energizes employees, managers, and executive leaders crossing all major industries. Learn more about her one-degree shift strategy approach that elevate professionals into thriving companies and leadership roles. Healthy work cultures thrive!

*Prices vary due to duration, virtual, or on-site consulting engagements.

Human Resources consulting can offer:

Transformational perspectives that will re-vitalize managers on how to use one-degree shift strategies to reconnect with employees during the workday to produce desired outcomes.

Learn decisive decision-making techniques that are quick and easy to apply & remember.

Outperform leadership expectations by delivering win-win negotiation methods and impactful employee feedback tactics that turns unproductive professional conversations around.

Referenced below are several targeted specialty areas, but it is not an all inclusive list:

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